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    Extraordinary lifestyle begins here!

    We are committed to providing an extraordinary lifestyle to our customers. Be it the location, design, space, or greenery, our homes have a soul!
    Experience well-connected, outstanding life spaces, fully loaded with amenities that make your homes a world of happiness, love, and laughter!

    speed infra


    The Spaces for Life.

    We, at Speed Infra, strive to bring out Novel real estate solutions. Coming with two decades of experience in the Real Estate industry, we are a new generation company with an outlook to see and present housing in a whole new way. 



    An address for the Stars

    Drive through picturesque views, just 10 minutes of from airport and arrive at a world that’s full of energy, vibrance and greets you with all colours of life. Xora City, the 100 Acre township, is a bouquet of concept-based projects that flaunts of exceptional amenities with unparalleled quality of life. If bliss were a place, it would be like this.

    Come home at Xora City

    Contemporary Design
    With Incredible Outdoor Spaces

    Sustainable living

    Offering lifestyles that are in harmony with earth.

    Attractive Location

    Handpicking unsaturated, unpolluted, and unmatched locations.

    Human In mind

    Ergonomically designed spaces for more room, comfort and safety

    Eco Construction

    Built by employing eco-friendly techniques to achieve resource efficiency

    Modern Technology

    Employing smart and convenient technology that reduces the turnaround time of execution

    Innovation by design

    Evolving concepts that inspire proactive living by virtue of design as its principal ingredient.

    Spaces Matter

    Redefine “spaces” to connect, refresh and relax. The spaces are designed to perfection with ergonomic design and lavishly landscaped outdoors that have the character of their own, and strikes a balance between functionality, aesthetics, context, climate, and materials.

    luxury villas in hyderabad​
    speed infra


    Well planned landscapes conducive to tropical climate to provide shade, and visual relief. The outdoor spaces are designed to promote a promote proactive outdoor life in sync with nature.

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